Where to invest in 2021

You how good mood at school? The answer may be that the health portfolio in the critical years ahead. From the late Sir John Templeton • under the eyes of investors and stock market capitalization of the famous words:. “Bull born in pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature in optimism and die of pleasure,” 2021’s most important for investors the task is to figure out where we are on schedule and the corresponding position their portfolios.

It is clear that animal spirits so long to climb this bull market is a lack of return on Wall Street. And it is no wonder that the US stock market has been on tears. Major economies around the world are on track synchronized growth, corporate earnings growth both here and broad is robust, business executives and consumers have confidence. Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index has returned 21% since we published the 2017 outlook overshadowed in our forecast, even the most optimistic scenario. This broad market benchmark notched a record 60 times during this period, leaving the stock price elevated compared with the long-term average almost every measure. (All prices in this article and return to October 31)

There is no doubt: This bull market is approaching the end of its journey, not the starting point. If it is to survive beyond August, it will be the duration of the longest bull market in history. However, we are optimistic (yet euphoric), this bull has some room left to run. “The market will continue to grind higher,” David Lafferty, chief market strategist at asset management Natixi said, “but the risk is very high.”

Bearing in mind that the market has not yet encountered, because 14% decline in early 2016, ending a meaningful downturn, we believe that 8% of the total rate of return or result, including dividends of about two percentage points, it seems reasonable, conservative forecast 2021 we will invest in the S & P 500 index of about 2730 and near 24800, in the end of the year, the Dow Jones industrial average place. Passage of a comprehensive tax reform may push up the market. The opportunity to rebound more and more out of control, says strategist Ed Yardeni of Yardeni Research, though, he quipped, “profit-driven melt the unmelted up, this is a bull market.”

It should investors look back,How far they have gone and made some combination of economic adjustment needs. Great value gains of the past few years there may be too much inclined to consider your portfolio in life your age, risk tolerance or stages of shares. Now is a good time to balance your assets. Although the bond market will face the challenge of 2021, do not forget, the Ministry of Finance and other high-quality bonds as a combination of ballast, and a varied, cushioning fluctuations, and is generally the opposite direction of the stock market downturn in the mobile market. Finally, investors who have a global mindset will have a good performance than those narrow-minded views, some of the best returns are likely to be found outside of the United States

A bullish economy the hinges, moving in the right direction, but not very strong. “Most PE Deron equivalent to a strong market economy strong, but this is not the way things usually play out,” Jonathan Golub, chief US equity strategist at Credit Suisse said. Kiplinger expect the US economy grew 2.6 percent in 2021, from a rate of 2.2% is expected to improve, but in 2017 almost no hair fire. And this: modest growth has kept the economy out of a typical boom – bust cycles, prolonged expansion. “Tortoise won the race,” Golub said. “It may not make a great story, but it is really powerful.”

Turtle has company. For the first time in a decade, the world’s developed economies began in 2017 have grown at the same time. It expects global synchronization of growth will continue in 2021 IHS Markit chief economist of bay said, vesh, and higher performance of the developed countries to help the recovery in emerging markets. International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects 2021

3.7%, global economic growth

Monetary policy, both at home and abroad, or should support continued growth Behravesh said. In the US, Fed Governor Jerome Powell is expected to take over as Fed chairman in February. Powell is likely to remain moderate, the current process of gradual monetary tightening in, but he may be more inclined towards lowering the supervision of the financial sector. Kiplinger Fed is expected to increase at least twice, in 2021 the short-term interest rate hike following the December 25 basis points. The central bank will gradually shrink bonds held $ 4.5 trillion cache of it accumulates in the wake of the financial crisis. Large OOK10-year yields in 2017

2.8% to close at the end of 2021, up to about 2.4%

Of economic growth may be modest at best, but the signs of a recession are remote does not exist. US manufacturing is barely off a 13-year high in May. The unemployment rate was 4.1 percent, down from 4.8% in the same period of last year (and 10% at the peak in 2009). Until the economic outlook deteriorated, prospects for US companies remains bright. Wall Street analysts expect S & P 500 companies to complete corporate profits in 2017 rose more than 11% in 2021, followed by 11% of the increase, according to Thomson Reuters IBES. Even taking into account the long-term bullish analysts also revised downward estimate for the year to wear, these are fabulous earnings.

Another positive sign is the THA tons more profit growth coming from increased revenue, rather than cutting costs or share buybacks. The company also began to spend more buildings and equipment, research and development, and mergers and acquisitions, a sign of healthy growth and the overall economy.

Wild card is the combination of tax reform. Republican plan calls for, among other things, a permanent reduction, from 35 percent federal corporate tax rate to 20%, which could push corporate profits in 2021, as well as a 12% tax on cash held overseas, which It may repatriate hundreds of billions of dollars, some of which will be reduced to dividends, buybacks and capital expenditure. 65% of the probability distribution economist at Goldman Sachs, the tax legislation will pass my ñ2021

Bulls barriers

Face the risk of this aging bull market is familiar, including political disputes in Washington, upgrades and other flash point of tension with North Korea. But “any political or geopolitical been strange not to react,” said Samantha market Azzarello JP Morgan Asset Management. Adding natural disasters and terrorist attacks on the list of challenges investors ignored. Mid-term elections could prove to be an exception. Approximately 15% of the market decline is typical of the mid-term election year, says chief investment strategist at LPL Financial John Lynch. “Into that election, we have over taxes, trade and regulatory uncertainty, and prepare for all the crap.” He said. However, the medium-term of 12 months ah r decline, the market grew by 25%, on average, from its lowest point, he said:

Ironically, what is good for your pocketbook cause a threat to your portfolio. Wages rise enough to cut into corporate profit margins and improve the overall inflation, which will mark the overheating of the economy and the sharp rise in rates and spell the end of the bull market began. “We see higher inflation and interest rates lower than market expectations over the next 12 months,” Erik Knutzen, chief investment officer at Neuberger Berman said. So far, wages have been stubbornly flat, Kipling is expected headline inflation remains under control, 2% more than 2021% in the process increased from moderate pace of 1.7 in 2017, an increase of only moderate.

Complacency is a real danger. Fluctuations disappeared from the market in 2017, can enhance the popularity of bullish development version, encourage excessive risk-taking and promote the valuation extremes. University consumer sentiment index from the University of Michigan in January 2004, but Hank Smith, chief investment officer at Haverford Trust, do not worry about the thrill has not been higher. “There are more funds into fixed income funds ratio of equity funds, bond funds and any purchase is not a film about how strong they are saying,” Smith said. “They say, ‘I am willing to lose money does not earn very little.”

However, there is no truth to the disqualification of the valuation of the stock is increasing. Price-earnings ratio is lower than 89% of their time now, dating back to the 1970s. In the S & P 500 is trading at 18 times expected ë in the coming year, more than five-year average of 16 and 10-year average of 14 still arnings, market investors weigh the risks would have to consider the cost of leaving early or even too expensive markets. Brian Belski BMO Capital Markets, pointed out that the bull market can be traced back to 1975, achieved more than 20% rise in their final year for P / ES high creep. His message to investors: “catch the train”

Where to invest now

Investors who fare best in 2021 will be selective, focusing on high-quality of. Sector within the industry, and stock, less than they had in moving in unison, which means that stock selection will have the opportunity to shine.

The company features include high-quality consistent earnings and dividend growth, Manchester Pronk balance sheet, and the rate (a measure of profitability) than the average S & P 500Higher returns. Such stocks should avoid the worst of the losses if the market turns down, but they will also be strong, even in sideways markets do well, Belski said. BMO stocks like Oracle

(Symbol ORCL, $ 51), including software giant , and truck manufacturers Pasqua (PCAR, $ 72) and insurance companies UnitedHealth Group (UNH, $ 210). 2021 inventory ready to go beyond the financial sector, including, in particular banks, and technology. Banks will benefit from higher interest rates, a growing economy and lax regulation. Sierra Malik portfolio manager, investment company TIAA recommended

Bank of America

(BAC, $ 27), its strong loan growth, strong cost control and high reputation on its quality. Or consider exchange-traded funds. Financial Sector Select SPDR (XLF, $ 27) is 20, a list of our favorite ETF Kiplinger ETF in one. , Golub said, do not put today’s new economic era of high-tech companies and those in dot-com. Today’s Titans “well-managed companies provide excellent profits, rather than speculative investment,” he said. Malik recommend Google’s parent,


(GOOGL, $ 1,033). Or check out the Fidelity MSCI Information Technology index (FTEC, $ 50), which has the lowest expense ratio of any ETF-tech industry (0.08%), and allows you access to 360 high-tech. The company is doing well, when economic growth in 2021 should chang in so-called cyclical stocks, investment firm CFRA recommendations

Honeywell International

(HON, $ 144), aerospace and industrial conglomerate, whose shares yield 1.8%. Or have access to hundreds of industrial enterprises with the pioneer industrial stocks (VIS, $ 135). we like stocks, bonds with short-term bonds for the 2021 deadline will not be sensitive to the interest rate hike. A good choice:

A pioneer in short-term investment grade

(VFSWhen TX), Kipling a 25, our favorite no-load fund list, a 2%. Most investors were caught off guard by the inflation jump was arrested. Treasury inflation-protected bonds provide a reasonable hedge against inflation. They buy from Uncle Sam at www.treasurydirect.gov. In the bargain municipal bonds may be the possibility of approaching tax reform and tax-exempt debt needs to hit. KIP 25 member Intermediate fidelity the Income (FLTMX), yielding 1.7% is a good choice. Who wants to maintain a flexible investors may choose to Pacific Investment Management Company’s income (PONDX), a go anywhere, 25 Kip income of the Fund 3.5%. are not optimistic enough

We appeal in 2021 of 6% return, but warned that, given the new presidential administration, we may be outrageous, up or down. Even our most optimistic take stock, which hinged interest rates remain low and corporate earnings growth, requiring a 15% rate of return; the S & P 500 delivered 21%. We are interest rates and returns on, and called on the international investment stock is in the mark.

Eight stocks, we recommend that returned an average of 17% in 2021, including dividends, decent, but not enough to shoot a ËS & P 500 index Crown Castle International real estate investment trusts, lead us to a 30% increase winner . CME Group, which owns financial exchanges, rose 28.6%, while Google’s parent company, letters, up 28.2%.

Network security company Palo Alto network fell 7.4%, dragging down our earnings. Even so, we will stick with the stock, based on strong demand for network security products company. The company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals fell 3.8%, but it is worth holding given its drug pipeline.

As our stock is sold, most investors would be better off buying instead. Electric car maker Tesla rose 74.4%, despite the shaky financial situation. We continue to believe that Tesla high risk,