The best credit card you can now

As part of a list of the best personal finance products and services Kipling year, we chose the top credit card consumers who want cash back, reward points or prepaid options. Be sure to see our favorite investment, financial products, travel tools, and a complete list, and so on.

Cash back

American Express Blue Cash preferred card payment up to $ 6,000 supermarket to buy a huge rebate of 6% per year, and at the gas station department stores, and 1% other 3% of all. Generous rebate than cover $ 75 annual fee more.

Rewards points

With the Chase Rewards VISA card (no annual fee), earning per US $ 355 you spend to buy in the Amazon; two at gas stations, restaurants, drug stores and office supply stores; and all other purchases of a point.


Every purchase and

Barclays to Daga card Earn 2 miles ($ 89 annual fee, waived the first year), plus when you spend the first three within months of account opening $ 3,000 40,000 bonus miles. The card has a chip technology, no foreign transaction fees. 

Allowance and packaging on the card, such as the light bill payments and prepaid accounts of family members of the child

Blue Jays American Express and Wal-Mart. Card can be loaded by direct deposit.