Test drive your retirement

BEV Bachel, 62, the size of an attempt to retire. Over the years, Bachel, a free communications professional in Minneapolis, assumed the high demand, usually lasts more than a year of contract work. She took a long time, often managed by other writers, had available on the spot.

“A friend of mine said that when you are self-employed, you never really retire just after you wake up and realize that all the customers are gone,” she said. . “I thought, Oh, my God, I need to exert control, rather than experiencing a slow down to nothing of.”

Then, two years ago, Bachel decided to cut large projects, travel extensively, including a long journey Minnesota Panama during the winter and the work undertaken anywhere she can do, any time.

She also watched her savings to reduce, rather than increase. “I have 40 years of ingrained patterns and be rewarded compared to save money,” she said. “Now I have to make a change idea.”

How to do it right

Idea whether through retirement test drive in a potential reduction of cost of living, for several weeks retirement destination or hang at home a week without meaningful work a lot of people. But this is not easy.

“Retirement test drive to get more attention than it did with the client reporters,” Mari Adam, president of Adam Financial Associates in Boca Raton, Florida, said: “I have someone do it bit by bit. “

A couple with two incomes classic way is to try to start a full count on a retirement iNCOME, Adam said. She suggested they practice living in the money. “People are ready to retire often do not know their real flowers,” Adam said. “They did some in their heads.” Figure out what you will have in the future a reality, going out, including social security and pension or retirement account withdrawals.

The past two years, Fritz Gilbert and his wife, Jackie, live in their incomes are expected to retire. Gilbert retired from his young side 55 of the work is global commodities trader in a Atlanta. Jackie never worked outside the house, before adding their daughter, her mother, who from AlzheimerFarmer’s disease suffer care.

“We have increased our savings, basically let our net take-home pay is expected to drop to our retirement,” Gilbert, who wrote the Declaration of retirement blog said. And retired the previous year, the couple decided to “track every penny we spend to obtain baseline consumption level,” he said. “We’ve never done that before, this is a pain.”

Gilbert, who said he may be more far-sighted than most, has developed the best possible what their expenses, from medical to health and travel look like in the next 40 years, increasing year by year.

He and his wife stayed at home to practice for about 10 days. “Everyone is focused on finances. However, once in place, non-financial things, the key is to get it right. The more we can do want to retire gentle side, the better will be our retirement. “

Retired to rest at home

Qiaokai Xi, managing partner of retired intelligence, retired Princeton, New Jersey coach service, has a number of customers taking a month long holiday week trying to stay home retirement. “You need to slow down,” Casey said. “People must set the correct test drive their expectations.”

The idea is not just plop down on the sofa in front of the television, but began to figure out how to build your life if you are not a full-time job. For example, you should get up? How much time alone there, and how much time to do things with others?

Of course, this is only a week. But at that time, some of his clients have realized they want to pursue interests that they currently do not have time, such as audit classes. T hey all and leaves more time to admit you do not work to exercise and take care of themselves. Retirement rehearsal, Casey said, helping his clients to “look forward to from fear.”

Try a new position

If your retirement picture involves a warm place to live or a quiet, first, we do not promise not to leave the area in time event than a few weeks, maybe choose Airbnb, VRBO or other short-term rental.

Terry Feinberg and his wife, Carla Ruigh, this lesson the hard way. Both are 62 years old. Her as a municipal employee from her jobRetirement; he is from a marketing career semi-retirement. They live in Gilroy, Calif., Two and a half acre, while five years ago, they faced a small disaster: the main water lines from their happiness bankruptcy.

“We believe that when we get where we are no longer able or want to keep this attribute what point will happen?” Feinberg said. “We decided that we need to consider an exit strategy.”

He and Ruigh loved the desert, southwest China, so when he came across an ad in Mesquite, Nevada, more than 55 a new retirement community. It seems ideal. They go out and see where the “zero intention of purchasing,” Feinberg said. However, they really like what they see, after a few days, a new house in their quarter-acre of land proud owner.

They rented their new house the first three years, then moved to Mesquite in March 2021, they rented the place of Gilroy. This time, they realize that they should spend a little time desert, do some more research.

“I looked at the historical weather data, but did not go deep enough to how it will affect our way of life,” Feinberg said. “It hit 110 degrees in June and did not drop until late September. Usually, it is not less than 90 nights.”

It is so hot during the day, they had to start riding their own bike and play tennis around 5:00 in the evening it was too hot, with their beautiful patio or terrace.

To find health care, too

The couple also worry about their health care. Their HMO recently changed the rules after they can no longer use it, they moved to Nevada. In addition, they began to care about the shortage of doctors in the community and lack of access to Mesquite, if they need professional care.

So they put on their new home market, reached an agreement with their tenants Gilroy, they moved out and moved back to California. Finally, they came to a financial penalty, Feinberg said. But psychologically, the mobile effort paid the price. They have no plans to move again in the near future.

“If I want someone to make a significant geographic initiatives to make recommendations, which will be temporary to do this, if availableCan, then you can really understand it’s like to live here, “he said.” Prior experience is completely pulled root of weather and lifestyle. “