Ten ways to save money

Recently, I was in my life reached a milestone on Twitter: Follow my tweets number over 1,000 mark. I’m still a piker the championship Twitter users like Ashton library compared thorough, but four digital sound impressed me. Thank you, I promise, I’ll tweet my ten-saving skills.

I always thought, is this trick to save money – a move. You do not win the lottery, strike it rich on Wall Street, and even earned a six-figure salary to build a comfortable cushion savings. You just need to play their own mental skills, focus on spending less and keep more cash in your pocket.

Over the years, we have written a lot of these strategies Kiplinger’s Personal Finance in , the commitment I made on Twitter encourage me mentally cull through these tactical choice, I think is the most the most practical and effective. Here they are, each ready form (and tourists bonus Kiplinger.com) in less than 140 characters Twitter.

1. Start immediately. Do not wait until you earn more money. The more you do, the more you spend. Further ideas on how to take the salary of any size, we see a simple way to stretch the story of your salary.

2. Start small. It will add up to big pile of money over time. To see how fast your money will grow in your number, I plug in how much value we will save? Calculator.

3. Write down your goals. This makes them more real, you are more LIK Erie achieve these goals.

Be specific. For example, tell yourself to save for the future is admirable, but vague. On the other hand, make a written commitment to save $ 2,000 on your vacation to Cancun summer of next year is likely to give you.

4. By taking retirement check or money on top of some other objectives have your boss (or bank) you save . You can not miss it.

Once you start contribution 401 (k)Or other work-based retirement accounts, in accordance with our recommendations on how to make your plan.

5. Create an account for each target – retirement, vacation, car, new computer – so you can track your progress

This also applies to large recurring costs, such as insurance premiums. This is one of the most 爱艾琳伯特, Kiplinger former colleague who wrote the “Getting Started” column on Kiplinger.com orite theme. Let Irene tell you why more savings account to pay off.

6. Deposit your paycheck into your savings account. before you pay, you will think twice.

Just be careful not to exceed the number you allow in your account cash transfers. However, it is also an incentive to save. My son University, who found himself this strategy, once told me that it was “painful” had to withdraw money from savings.

7. From check immediately subtract your credit So, when you get the bill you’re not surprised.

My husband did this religion, a trick he learned from his brother. Sometimes, they each make a payment immediately a.

8. Toss coins in glass bottles in your dresser and watch your money grow.

in my neighborhood Quiznos, and once I hit another customer who had to bend down to pick up a quarter of the dialogue. He told me that he make it a habit, like storage of coins, found the money, he adds hiding about $ 1,000 per year – enough to buy his holiday gifts.

9. Give yourself a reward moment : Every time you pass a cup of coffee in your pot of cash to throw money

saving becomes less of a chore, if you can see your the fruits of labor.

10. After you pay off loans or credit card bills, write checks to maintain , and send it to savings or investment account.

Once you build up momentum, it is easy to continue.

Now when a frugal frame of your heart, see our related links to learn more when saving tips and how to find true value, you have to spend money.