Tax cuts for the Decluttering

To clean up your home or garage can be a boon to charity, but a non-cash donations to come up with their own set of rules. IRS want you to use the fair market value of the donation to determine your deduction. Tools such as the ItsDeductible TurboTax can help give you an idea of ​​the fair value of a project, you can track your donations throughout the year. For any value of more than $ 500, you must provide a written explanation of any form 8283. For more than $ 5,000, you need an appraisal, but you can deduct the cost of obtaining one.

 Donate a car is tricky, because the deduction is limited to what the charity sells for. Bob Meighan, lead in Turbo Tax CPA tax and financial center of the United States, said the charity may ØFTEN are in a hurry to sell, and can accept lowball price, thus reducing your deductible. You’re more likely by selling his car, then donate funds to ensure higher prices.