Sustainable journey of eco-friendly tips

As a teenager climate activist Greta Sandberg go sailing in New York last summer, it’s not just the younger generation who with her in spirit. All ages basketball team is seeking to reduce the impact of their travel on the environment.

In fact, it comes to choosing sustainable travel options, under the leadership of the investigation when the baby boomers, according to the most recent by When the tide is more likely than Generation X, Generation Z millennium or booking travel, accommodation and choose environmentally friendly vehicles, the survey found.

In all generations, but especially baby boomers, the “urgency and impacts of climate change, loss of biodiversity more and more conscious, but in general, unsustainable practice, “SAYS Gregory Miller, executive director of Center for responsible Tourism.

Result: consumers, “sustainable development” of tourism, which aims not only to protect the Earth, but also to celebrate the culture of each destination, to support strong demand for the local economy Jessica Huo Ere Puqiu Qi, said the sustainability ambassadors and travel agency network, virtuoso. “This balance between the three.”

Sustainable passengers can take the train rather than plane, the hotel is scheduled to avoid the use of disposable plastic travel choices, and select tourism operators and local environmental groups to participate. But the choice is not always clear. As more and more tourism industry who seek their own style as “sustainable development”, it can be tough consumer marketing fluff serious sustainabil separated both initiatives.

“There are many want to travel around sustainable conscious travelers hum, but they do not know how to do,” Jessica blotter, social consciousness, CEO and co-founder hotel booking platform class travelers. “Hotels, Tourism, airlines, everyone scrambling to figure out what they look like sustainable tourism.”

Focus on sustainable development comes amid growing concern about overtourism. Due in part to strong economic strength and low-cost air travel, and in 2021 were 1.4 reach one billion international tourist arrivals worldwide, an increase of 6% from a year earlier, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization. All this coming and going could lead to environmental damage, overcrowding and over-exploitation.

Some people in the industry, sustainable tourism can completely avoid such consequences. “Sustainable development is a good name, but I do not know anything that is truly sustainable,” Gade Caddick, President and CEO of Eco-travel uncharted territory said. “This is more of how you can minimize the impact.”

Here are four key steps that can help passengers step lighter.

avoid bucket list mentality

Yes, many retirees work long and hard every destination across their bucket list, but who want sustainable tourism should avoid checking method the- cartridge destination. “Some people just want to go to as many places as they can as fast as they can and take pictures, and say, ‘I have to x, y and z’,” Miller said. That does not ‘t leave much time to learn about social and environmental issues destination, or interact with the local community.

Some tour operators to launch the program helps travelers to slow down and drill deep into a purpose environmental problems of Education provider Road scholar trip last year launched a series of studies on how to deal with climate change, the destination is “changing Earth” program. travelers will “with local communities and local experts, and have a service component to these program in each encounter, “Beiqi La gold in the road project manager, said scholars environmental projects in the San Juan Islands of Washington state, for example, visitors can learn about how climate change will affect populations of orcas, and participate in local CLE Anup beach. the seven-day trip starts at $ 2,149, not including airfare.

Lucy Sian Stacey, 72, Ellensburg, Washington, a retired university administrators, recently registered focus on a Road scholar program is. she also hopes sustainable agriculture in Santa Fe to slow down and enjoy the local culture, when she traveled alone through Portugal and Spain, she has planned this spring journey, she said, “I can ride a bike, but I’d rather walk. You participate in a slower culture, the more you absorb. “

seeking eco-friendly accommodation

The purpose of various eco-label is to help travelers choose more environmentally friendly accommodation. Look for sustainability certification recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Committee, such as green Earth and Travelife Rachel McCaff said, ERY, senior adviser in the adventure travel tour operators responsible for copy.

But “does not exclude just because it does not have a good place sustainability certification standards,” Miller said. Many of the hotels “did not want to get certified, but good operation running.” Rather than relying on a label, he said, travelers can search for evidence, the budget hotel cause environmental and community projects, use of renewable energy products in the local procurement, avoid food waste.

Eco-focused hotel booking platform can help narrow your search. In, for example, you can rank the most environmentally-friendly alternative search results, and then view each of the hotel’s carbon footprint and eco-labeling.

Kind of traveler, launched in 2016, it adds another twist to the sustainable hote l Hunter: In addition to emphasizing environmentally friendly accommodation, the company encourages visitors to have a positive impact on the destination they visit. Users get discounted prices, usually 10% ~ 15% discount on the hotel’s best available rate, if they give $ 10 to a local charity, blotting paper said. Sonoma farmhouse inn reservations people, Calif user, for example, might be encouraged to donate to the Redwood Empire Food Bank, a local charity that provides meals to those who need in. (Users can also choose to donate to charity on any platform, not recommended local charities, blotting paper said.)

Choose more sustainable tour operators

When booking travel, you can consider whether the operator to reduce waste, to form partnerships with local environmental groups, and the use of LOCA liter provider restaurants, transport and accommodation, to ensure that the interests of tourism in local communities.

Unknown eco-tourism, for example, passengers are arranged to satisfy a protecting group at each destination, its staff “increased level of understanding and evaluation,” Caddick said. Many visitors continue to support these groups at the end of the tour, he said. ; G Adventures is taking a number of steps to become more sustainable. The company’s single-use plastic to reduce the use of its tourism, its non-profit partners, Planeterra Foundation to support social enterprises target group, McCaffrey said. In 2021, G Adventures launched the “rippleScore, “This shows that the number of tourists to spend money in each tour accommodation, transport, catering and other service components remain in the local community. The company’s operating principle is to use its travel more local services to improve these scores, McAdoo Freeh said.

Traffic to more environmentally friendly way

Growth in air travel means that by 2050, the airline industry may consume a “carbon budget” of about a quarter of the world may be within 1.5 degrees, according to a recent analysis by the carbon briefly before the level of global emissions of carbon dioxide -the highest level Celsius industrialization.

However, some industry sources in sustainable tourism, air travel still makes sense. “highly educated traveler, someone who has already seen some of these local issues facing the environment is an offset to the cost of travel,” Caddick said. “I HOPE it creates activist who struggle to protect and preserve these places, not just go and exploit them. “

That said, there are ways to reduce the impact of aviation on the environment.” Always trying to find direct, rather than a large number of hedge-hopping, “Miller said.” This really reduces your emission of greenhouse gases. “Stay at your destination can be a long time,” make travel times, “McCaffrey said, reducing the number of flights you take each year.

Air travelers can purchase carbon offsets, which support emission reduction or sustainable energy projects Miller suggested that carbon offset program run by non-profit organizations, such as the cool effect or

Another option: TR closer to home and walking, biking, sailing or an electric vehicle AVEL. Stacy did a lot of backpack in her home state of near Washington, and “you can not get much more sustainable than this,” she said.