Personal finance advice from Gronkowskis

Gordon Gronkowski (pictured) played football at Syracuse University, and made five boys who become professional athletes. Rob, the second youngest, is the New England Patriots tight end. He and his father recently and Wantong promote the financial health of insurance companies.

You tried to teach good money habits. how did you do that? by instilling value of the dollar. The boy never get anything unless they earned it. They have a newspaper delivery. Their hockey equipment, baseball bats money saved; they have to buy something. If you want something, you have to work hard. And even universities. I go to school on an athletic scholarship. If they do not go that way, I have money set aside to pay and I was ready, I told them that they would be returned to me hepatitis E. I think that if they pay, they will take full advantage of this.

your children have played professional sports. Is there a Plan B? study is the first in our family. All my children are on the honor roll. Two graduated cum laude. One is a Rhodes Scholar candidate. They all get a degree, good schools in business, marketing, leadership.

what is right and the other big players, but unpredictable wages What is the most important lesson? NFL in average life expectancy is three years, so that they better way to put money away. When I started making money, my adviser taught me how to plan for retirement, how to plan, the Plan A did not work, how to pay for school, how to use my family if something happened to me. When my children started making money, I’m sure they learned. One would think I was still young, strong, invincible; nothing happens. However, we hear so many horror stories of friends: three years of football and they have broken up – they took it all

Rob’s NFL salary, and he lived endorsement remain unchanged . income. How do you keep who received a windfall too many people do not spend it? When Rob first sign, he put every penny in the bank. We are not there to buy a white tiger or Lamborghini. Until last year, Rob was wearing the same jeans he wore in high school. But we alsohave fun. It’s not like we hoard it all. We have a rule at home: If you really want something, delayed two weeks. If you still want it, go buy it. Good fun NY- When my children grow up, they would ask me to get them one way or another. I said, “you have your own money. You can buy it today.” They never will. If I buy it, fine. If they have, it is: “No, I really do not need, Dad.”