Mobile Wallet: Pay a smart way?

Apple charges can get a lot of talk, but you were waving at the cash register to pay your smart phone behavior is old news. Some Android smartphones have the ability to send payments using Near Field Communication (NFC) in the store. But with the kind of fanfare that only Apple can produce, Apple paid a spotlight put contactless payments.

To a certain extent, about the hype Apple payment guarantees: to provide the most fluent and safe experience, but in part because NFC is due to the need fingerprints to complete additional step payment transactions. Apple has done a lot to pay to get the credit card networks and business-to-mobile payment joint efforts of Doug Brown, senior vice president of FIS mobile, vendors say, banking and payments technology. It brings mobile payments, which has been trying to win customers concerned, it is to give them a boost and stimulate competition.

I recently tested Apple’s charges as well as several other mobile payment applications. Apple paid (along with books, an app store boarding passes, coupons, tickets, etc.), Google Wallet and NFC Softcard all use and storage projects such as loyalty and gift cards, too. PayPal offers mobile payment in the number of stores, but it does not use NFC technology. Starbucks and Subway app lets you use QR codes in their stores pay.

Apple’s easy to set fees and payments

Apple paid glide to victory over its rival mobile payment based solely on. Apple is set up and easy to pay. It works with the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus transaction and rely on fingerprints to complete the award-winning touch ID function. I took a few minutes to log into print I borrowed iPhone 6 and Apple charged for the installation. Then I opened the book application (already installed on new phones), and the camera my debit card and phone photo scanning. (Apple support credit and debit card payments from only a small number of major banks and card networks, but more are on the way.) Card scan record, I entered the expiration date and security code.

In an e-mail, my bank told me that my virtual version of the card is assigned a number from my body card as a security measure of separation. Show only my body Ç my cardLined up next to the last four digits of ARD icon of two cards, the phone’s owner before loading. I patted the icon on my card, making it a major payment options, I took a spin to accept contactless payments by several businesses in my neighborhood (about 22 retail outlets nationwide Apple pay and take other NFC payment).

In the first station I, Walgreen portion, designated I to the phone contactless payment terminal, according to my thumb Touch ID sensor in the phone. Quickly realized the payment terminal, prompted me to punch my debit card PIN into the keypad of the terminal, and the cashier handed me a receipt. The transaction is easy.

Later, when I took out my iPhone will be ordered to pay two meals d in Trapani Bley Asia, the cashier called the manager to come and help. The total price of timely liquidation manager from the register. “We are still working phone system,” he said. “Dinner is on me.” Hiccups, but I can not complain about free food. Macy’s, I’m back hat I had to pay for with Apple’s. I handed the clerk a paper receipt. She looked at it and told me that the money will be returned to my checking account. (Return process and I tried other similar payment application.)

The use of loyalty cards and gift cards are another matter. I want to scan my Panera Bread membership card, but the passbook application does not accept it as a compatible “pass.” To redeem a gift card in Whole Foods, I had to download the Gyft application that contains a collection of information from your gift card, and enter the gift card number and PIN code. This application displays the bar code and digital, I found the cashier at checkout.

Google Wallet

With Google’s system, the payment process is fairly streamlined, but slightly involved than Apple Pay’s, when a simple competition comes with a credit card, every bit of extra work count . For each transaction, you must enter a password to protect your phone’s home screen (assuming you have a security feature set), and a Google Wallet PIN, when you start, you have to set. However, Google did not accept, directly compile my membership card and stored-value card to work best purse. I enter their PIN barcode scanning and manual several gift cards. Again, I stored information FO R number of membership cards.

Google Wallet settings is as easy as it is Apple to pay: with my NFC-ready Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Android phone, and the phone’s camera, I scan my debit and credit cards to Google Wallet it also shows the last four digits of each card. (Google said that the wallet is compatible with “major credit and debit cards.”)

In my test run, I ordered a hamburger and fries at McDonald’s, and this process is seamless. In Whole Foods, my gift card, I have loaded into Google Wallet payment; there is no problem. In CVS, I used my purse flashing barcode loyalty card, the cashier scans smoothly. But when I took my cell phone payment terminal, the transaction did not take. The cashier does not have any explanation, I have no application, so I brush my credit card instead. Later, I learned that the failure to pay is a political victim: Just days after Apple introduced the payment, CVS and Rite Aid pharmacy company shut down all NFC function, probably because they create a competition with other large retailers, mobile wallet partnership, CurrentC, forbid them playing nice with Apple to pay. (CurrentC scheduled to launch sometime in 2015 nationwide)


A joint venture between AT & T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, Softcard applies only to those operators and with qualified US mobile express, Chase and Wells Fargo credit and debit cards, plus American express Serve prepaid card. When I choose to load American Express credit card applications sent me to m obile the American Stock Exchange website, where I logged on to my American Express account and verify my credit card security code. A few minutes later, the card (which is visible only the first two digits) icons appear in the application. Softcard not store gift cards, but my application, it does not offer loyalty card number to save a few at a specified portion of the bar code scanning options.

And Softcard payment similar to using Google Wallet: I opened my home screen, enter my Softcard PIN touch mobile payment terminals. My payment experience success in Chevron, subway stations andWhole Foods. When I found my CVS card number to the cashier, but she told me it was not enough; I had to give her a bar code or my phone number.

The application has a store locator views expressed wallet that you can use. Softcard biggest advantage is that it might contain incentives and discounts. If I use Walgreens or McDonald Serve card, for example, I received a $ 1 credit. By adding other compatible credit card payment option, I scored $ 20 gift card.


Because I already have a PayPal account to connect to my bank account, establish application is not too strenuous. My PayPal acts as a password lock application, in which a part of the show the last four digits of my PayPal balance and my debit card and checking account. To prepare for payment in the shop, I had to contact my phone number to my account and create a password, I can enter at checkout. When I made a payment, fees Pal will first and then from my checking account, if needed from my PayPal balance paintings.

My through the “Store” section of the application scroll through the list to see where I can put PayPal to work in nearby shops. Some choose you, I will not place frequented (if any), such as flooring company and photography studio; many restaurants and shops at that time I was unfamiliar with. But the two companies caught my eye: Home Depot’s and Baja Fresh.

At Home Depot, I spent about $ 50 worth of items through the self-checkout lanes, choose PayPal as my approach and my keyboard to enter the phone number and PIN. Transaction declined. Later, on behalf of PayPal told me that my past PayPal transactions are also commonly around $ 20, while a higher charge raised a red flag. While I appreciate the layers of security, and I hope that PayPal has taken additional measures by asking the types of transactions is expected to make when I pay with mobile, how I set it to verify my identity beforehand, perhaps. In Baja Fresh, I booked through PayPal and application of food service called EAT24, then picked it up. Bonus: I earned two-thirds to $ 1 Five schoolPoints off my next purchase reason enough for me to order through the application again

Starbucks and Subway

Starbucks application shines, because it carries. The key factors, many missing payment applications: a powerful incentive program effortlessly customers for the sake of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations. Each time to pay for purchases using the application, you will get a virtual “star” – just like the use of punch cards, minus yo ur wallet by groping trouble. Exchanged for free drinks, food and refill the stars. I set foot in a Starbucks is painless. By application, I purchased a digital Starbucks Card $ 10 (your direct debit or credit card payment is not an option). To buy coffee and yogurt, I open the application, click “pay”, and a scanner that reads a hold on my phone screen before the pop-up screen on the phone’s QR code. It appears on the receipt of the application, including the option prompts within the next few hours.

Metro applications with co-payments and the potential for a similar reward. I contacted my credit card information, and after scheduled pick up a sandwich, so I jumped at the store on the line. (Alternatively, you can use the application commands, in-store and scan a QR code as usual wages, payment terminals production). But when I asked the cashier if I could enroll in the subway rewards club, you can collect points and redeem menu item procurement through it, he said it in my country is not yet activated. Bypass lines Yes, that is the ability to easily access and store more point will be in a position to satisfy every subway station.


With a limited number of stores accepting mobile payments, you will not leave your wallet at home in the short term. Experts predict that mobile payments will eventually become mainstream. But first, the technology has to endure a lot of growing pains. Many programs have not yet moved through the provision of grants and other digital receipt storage (rather than just make the most of their own media traded main wallet Apps now use), and seamless integration with coupon alerts and rewards program. In addition, as I try CVS contactless payment failure shows that for a piece of the business, competition among banks pie, software manufacturers and wireless operators has led to a number of fragmented market is not always convenient for customers.

“Have a lot to shake out here”Leslie Hand, vice president of IDC Retail Insights research consultant says.” Battle is certainly not over yet. “

One possible step: to October, many retailers will upgrade their payment terminals to accept EMV debit and credit cards, including a chip with a unique code each time you send a payment transaction information this makes it less vulnerable EMV card counterfeit cards fraud involving more than magnetic stripe cards, which transmit static data (see Credit cards: from magnetic stripe to chip) the upgrade provides a golden opportunity for retailers to add contactless payment functionality. to them the system.