Military health plan now covers adult children

I was in the army when he was 23 years old my son graduated from college dropped from TRICARE health insurance program. I understand that the rules have changed relevant reports for young adults. He can return as soon as possible what my policy?

Adult children despite the new health care law requires most insurance companies to provide insurance in their parents’ Why policy, 26-year-old began last month, TRICARE (health coverage rates army and their family members) do not provide this coverage extension, until recently. But now you can register to protect his adult children up to the age of 26, you can even get coverage retrospectively as from January 1, 2011, if you act quickly. TRICARE coverage

In general 21-year-old adult children end (or 23 full-time students). But the new rules let you extend the coverage until the child reaches the age of 26 a new rule like a standard health insurance policy, young adults do not need to be a dependent tax purposes and do not need to live with service members. But young adults also need to be registered with the family DEERS (Defense Enrollment Reporting System objects). In addition, young people can not get married, (even if they choose not to take employer coverage) can not qualify through their own employer’s health insurance plan to enroll. If they lose their jobs are eligible for the extended group health insurance under COBRA, however, they can choose to have the young adult TRICARE coverage instead of (COBRA eligibility does not render them unable to obtain the TRICARE coverage).

Differ from the standard rules of health insurance, the monthly premium for the coverage of young people TRICARE clear – $ 186 per month in 2011, it provides the same coverage of medical and pharmaceutical benefits for TRICARE, but co-payments basis sponsors military status (the parents). For example, children of active duty members pay the agreed price and outpatient network provider, or $ 16.85 hospitalized with the network provider (minimum charge $ 25) per day by 15%. If they get to take care of non-network providers or foreign supplier, they have to pay out-patient treatment of the allowable charge, or $ 16.85 per day for hospitalization by 20% (minimum charge $ 25). Retired service members h without children AVEWith the cost of a slightly higher level of sharing.

If your son is eligible, you can sign him at any time TRICARE coverage teenagers – you do not need to wait for a life-changing event or during open enrollment. And people who have large medical expenses in the past year, did not have any insurance at this time there is a special opportunity to enroll in reports dating back to January 1, 2011, and received medical expenses they have no health insurance reimbursement by the TRICARE. To get retroactive coverage must be September 30, 2011 registration, insurance premiums paid $ 186 per month for nine months from January 2011 to September 2011, and you do not have to submit receipts of medical expenses insurance. This may be cost-effective if your child is uninsured first p art of this year and have uninsured medical expenses of $ 1,700 class.

In deciding whether to purchase TRICARE coverage teenagers, your son should compare the cost of buying coverage for their price. In many countries, healthy people younger than 26 can usually buy their own coverage is $ 100 per month or less, but they may have to pay higher deductibles and co-payments (you can get for individual health insurance quotes at ). But if you have health problems, or if you want more comprehensive coverage, and plans to use a network provider, TRICARE these benefits may be your best choice.

For more information and application forms, please refer to the TRICARE teen page. Personal financial advice to military families, please see our military families PAGE.