Last Minute deals of holiday shoppers

If you have not finished your holiday shopping, you’re not alone. A survey by coupon site RetailMeNot found that more than half of the respondents said they would still have the last Saturday of the gift of time before rolling left to purchase around Christmas. This should not be too much of a surprise if you consider the December 20 – also known as Super Saturday – the holiday season is expected to be the busiest shopping day, according to ShopperTrak, that analysis of the retail business of the company .

You can be crowded in the number of stores, if you have to do some last minute shopping. On the bright side, you may find great items on your gift list transactions. Retailers will deeply discount days credit in a variety of products eading to Christmas. Or you can avoid the hustle and bustle, take advantage of online sales, if you accept them to act quickly to make a purchase in time for Christmas Eve.

What is the sales

Clothing. clothing retailer is expected to Super Saturday, December 20 sale, with up to 50% discount, according to After Christmas clearance, you may find bigger markdowns, choosing instead to be carefully selected. However, for the shoe trade, until the Christmas sales.

Beauty products. editor you will find a last-minute holiday sales 40% ~ 50% of bath and beauty products discount Kristen Cook, sale market trading site Ben said. Some of the best sales in the Bath and Body Works and Nordstrom, she said,

Holiday decorations. Although the discount will be better after Christmas – up to 90% discount – store will provide before December 25 about the holiday decorations significant markdowns, Cook said. If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift for someone else, consider sales on decorations or other holiday-themed project.

Medium-sized high-definition television. DealNews is expected to retailers such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Dell 40-inch superSaturday 50 sales inch high-definition television, which will likely be bundled with extras such as sound bar, Blu-ray player or a gift card. Wait until January for trading brand-name big screen TV’s (see 14 things not to buy during the holiday season).

Pre-packaged gift. gift baskets, stuffed stockings and the like has been vice president Howard Shaffer said, MS will cut up to 90%. The deepest discounts on Christmas Eve, when stores are eager to clear this holiday merchandise.

Toys. Is not a toy this season’s hot item will be deep in the last full week before Christmas discount, Cook said.’s CEO, said Wu Hai Phong, hot items may be discounted, because the smaller the demand will be high, but still blocks, Skylanders, toys and freeze the transaction. If you find a popular toy, your child want to share, do not wait to buy it in the hope that prices will fall. Buy now before it sells out, Schaefer said.

Video games and consoles. looking for active sales in all major areas of technical assistance in the video game a week before Christmas ilers, Cook says.You should also see a discount on par with those of Black Friday Xbox console price promotions, Wu said. We expect to see the game as low as $ 329 bundled with the console.

If you wait until the last minute to shop, see a list of business hours of Christmas Eve.

Online transactions

Free shipping. You will have access to more than 1000 retailers from participating retailers will participate in the most important purchase free shipping December 18 will provide a 20% discount free shipping day, 40% – in addition to guaranteed free shipping by the December 24, said Luke Knowles, who created free shipping day in 2008, you can find a list of cipating parti businessman.

Extra cash back. cash back shopping sites let you earn back the money you spent to buy in qualifying retail partnerspercentage. During the holidays, some retailers increase their cash back rates. For example, REI is to provide a 6% return – from 3% – the fat wallet. Combined with other promotional sales or cash back offers can help greatly reduce your score. Here are our top five cash back website picks.

Last minute specials. large retailers Amazon and Wal-Mart has several projects in the online discount last-minute buyers. Amazon’s “transaction 12 days” will select the project through the discount on December 22 and run functions. Wal-Mart, corn has been reduced in choosing toys, electronic products, household items, mostly up to 40%. Some other online retailers selling time limit, so check with your favorites, see what discounts they offer. And check the list of deadline-day bargaining in this shipment required purchase to receive them know before Christmas.