James Glassman’s 10 Stock Picks for 2022

Since 1993, when I started this annual exercise to beat their benchmark. Two stocks more than doubled. There were eight winners, two losers and 43.5%, up an average total return (price increase plus dividends), compared with the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index by 23.6%. Since there is no way to ensure my victory, and will insist on a good chance next year of my picks will revert to the mean here is the 2021 list, select, as usual, from the choice of experts, as I choose to throw stock. Income and other data for the 2021 and it did not recommend my October 31.

A first selection, in a conventional, truncated stock last year. This will be the poetry Endeavor (symbol PARWX), one of my all-time favorite mutual fund. Jerome Dodson, its founders and managers, with 32 stocks, all in line with his qualifications, investment in social consciousness. Dodson’s 2017 champion of Micron Technology (MU), which returns 158%. It is still one of the top eight holdings of the Fund. In the first three quarters of 2017, Dodson added only six stocks, and these, his biggest investment is in the United Parcel Service (UPS), a steady performer for online sales rose sharply benefit. UPS carries the consensus analyst estimate of 19 to 2021 earnings ratio of price and income, based (as are P / ES notice here). The stock has a dividend yield of 2.8%.

The second 2017 stock more than doubled to -Two Interactive Software (TTWO) video grams maker Ames, originated in the Wasatch World Innovation (WAGTX) combination. He joined the Fund in 2017 of Kornit Digital (KRNT), manufacturer of high-speed printers for the textile industry of Israel, whose assets top 10 rankings. Kornit’s shares have fallen nearly 30% since July, as investors pummeled when a huge expectation of the order did not materialize. Frustration, however, may only be temporary, at this price, investors can wait for business to pick up. Note the Kornit, has a tiny $ 525 million market capitalization (price times shares outstanding), it will evaporate.

Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX) is simply the world’s largest giant fund. Danoff top managers holding to Facebook’s (FB), its A share price forward P / electronics 31. This company is not high, increased its revenue by 47% in the third quarter over the previous year. In the understanding of revelation Russian spending on election advertising, Facebook has warned investors that increased spending, in order to prevent manipulation of its network would eat into short-term profits, but patient investors will be rewarded.

Terry Tillman there is a stock-picking on this list in the past six years, he beat the S & P each time. In 2017, he returned to his two 2014 and 2015, Salesforce.com (CRM), cloud-based software company that helps businesses manage customer relationships choose. Tillman moved from SunTrust Bank Raymond James & Associates, this year Robinson Humphrey. He still loves cloud computing company that they both good value and potential acquisition targets. He continued to Salesforce s rating to buy, but I think it’s getting boring picks. His other cloud-based buying recommendations stand out: HubSpot (hub), its software sales platform to help enterprises to attract visitors to their website and convert them into customers. HubSpot, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is not profitable, but it should also soon. Analysts expect sales to rise by 31% in 2021

Strong Buy at Raymond James analyst Brian · Gesuale and Ryan Clark interest rates Cube (CUB). The company’s diverse product line includes, for the military services and defense industry combat training, and the vending system for the rail transport. In October, cubic won a contract in New York City, will allow passengers to pay bus and subway waving smartphonES. If the business in line with analysts’ target by 2021 revenue will rise by one-third, one-half the price.

My micro-cap expert, Horowitz, Shearson Financial Management, in Rockville, Maryland, chose the CPI aircraft structure (CVU) 2017, and was rewarded with a 38.5% return. For 2021, he likes Kim Company (GV). The company provides construction and maintenance services for the electricity power industry. It has a market capitalization of just $ 146 million. Abramowitz wrote, Golden announced record revenues and profits in 2016, but sales and earnings in the first half of 2017, due to the completion of some large projects declined. The stock fell sharply the following is a reason, now Abramowitz like it. He said that the stock market is “an absolute basis, the price is cheap, relative to the peer group …. any kind of infrastructure or tax reform bill in Washington will be conducted gravy.”

This is a rare stock is investment income from Value Line marked on the investigation into three categories: timeliness, security, and financial strength. McDonald (MCD) just hit the trifecta. Matthew Spencer Value Line Analysts expect earnings at 9.5% annual rate over the next three to five years. 25 of the P / E, McDonald’s is not cheap, but it has a lot going for it: the strength of the Chinese in the United States and more efficient technologies everywhere successful launch of high-end sandwich

In 2017, I November column, I praise some great managers of mutual funds and long-term track record and virtues of each SONAL effective stock picking style. In a very short list is Bill Rummenigge and Kevin Grant, who since 2000 has been running Oakmark Fund (OAKMX) before holding market fund is , Citigroup (C), the United States four one of the bank. In the Great Depression crushed the stock, but the beginning of 2016 with the 13 P / E has nearly doubled, but still attractive. Stock now yields 1.7%, while dividends should rise briskly.

I’m Matthew (MXXVX) 25, mutual funds, whose name refers to believers seems to be to encourage investment in the Bible passage. Financial columnist in Washington Post a few years ago, slander the name of the fund is “a gimmick or shtick.” There are some fun but you can not knock it returns. The fund’s performance over the past 10 years it set in its category (diversified, large company stockThe top fund), which has landed in the top 20% of similar funds for 10 years six. Matthew 25 has the smallest turnover, in fact, did not increase in 2017, the new name combination Let’s go with the longest hold time 21 stocks: Polaris Industries (PII), in in 2000 for the first time to buy, it is still one of the top ten holdings. Polaris makes snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles. The company’s sales compared to last year, in the quarter ended Sept. 30 jumped 25 percent, even if the stock price rose 15% in a single day, the stock still appears undervalued.

Of my own in 2017, Amazon.com choice, exceptionally executed, returning 39.9%. I was a fan in the long run. But for 2021, I like Lulu Lemon (LULU), a sports apparel manufacturer and retailer, to provide investors with the best way to buy a yoga and fitness, the trend will only continue to rise. I love Lulu, with the company’s near-worship is no debt, high profit margins and prospects of double-digit profit and revenue growth in 2021

The following between customers I will summarize three WARNING: This 10 stocks of size and industry to industry, but they are not meant to be a diversified portfolio. I want to beat the stock market in the coming year, but I do not believe a stake of less than 5 years, so think of these as long-term investments. I’m just here to provide advice. Finally, the choice is yours.