Investor: we must always remain vigilant and ready to bear

If you walk on the road, have a great day, you suddenly found a bear on the road in front of you, how would you do?

Because it runs directly; or

Bay walked back slowly to find a different way to go?

However, every day I meet people who have completely given up their guard and are charged to retirement, does not seem worried about a bear encounter, before they know it, could eat up their hard-earned savings possibilities.

Suffering the loss of even a small amount of early retirement – just in the first few years withdrawals fell by 10% – may drain their investment plans in advance. However, they ignore any warnings or signs of danger, and continues.

Maybe they’re just a very short meters emories. They have forgotten the impact of the market decline in 2000 and 2008, maybe they have enough time to recover from these losses, but also earn a salary.

Or maybe they wearing beer goggles investors versions. Instead of being blinded by the excessive amount of alcohol, their judgment has been impaired by the joy of a record bull market. They are so busy staring at the beautiful month of their 401 (k) statement is the bottom line, they do not have for the inevitable correction, amendment or worse prepared.

Just to refresh your memory, here is how it was a cycle:

Hooray! Every month we make more money! (Festive)

Wait, what happened here? (Denial)

We should do …. (Sorry)

Just set up an envelope over there, please; I could not see. (Despair)

The good news is, it’s not too late to change your mind – or your portfolio. Here are some things to consider your job to make sure your future.

1. Rethink your risk.

If, like many people, most of the nest egg is in a 401 (k) plan or something like that, you might be heavy in the stock market than you. Product is no longer your retirement goalsTired; it’s saved. Consultants talk about their risk tolerance. The two sides discussed economic and emotional capacity to deal with market volatility.

2. To regain balance.

There is no size-fits-all answer, you should be in your portfolio is. A good rule of thumb is to put your age for safer investment ratio. So, for example, if you are 60 years of age, 60% of your money will be CD-ROM, fixed rate annuities, money market accounts, etc. If you have a generous pension, you will not need to invest your savings to pay your fixed expenses, you may be more positive. Or, if you and your spouse’s pension, you have a small social security check, you might choose a more conservative allocation.

3. Do not ignore other dangerous

You do not want to shy away from risk too hard, fast, you fall into a hole you can not come out: inflation. Make sure you have a strategy to deal with rising costs of long-term – everything from groceries health. You may want to keep some of your money in Japanese stocks is the goal; just remember to keep your head up, things will be very troublesome. Remember: Panic selling locks loss forever.

No one can predict what the market will do, so the best plan of action is to be ready for anything. And to do that the best way is to provide comprehensive financial plan. If it’s been awhile since you analyze your risk tolerance and present watch their asset allocation, please consultant to find the clearest, safest route, and through retirement.