I learned a cheapskate next door

Jeff Yeager met with hundreds of like-minded skinflints for his book cheapskate next door: Americans living happily live within our means (Broadway Books, $ 13) amazing secrets

How you learn by meeting other cheapskate in the country? They fly in the face of stereotypes. They are not savvy person every waking time they do not spend trying to figure out how to save a nickel. As a cheapskate sometimes not about the money. Many cheapskate have strong religious beliefs, some embrace environmental protection as underpinning the decision to scrimp and save.

Have in common? within the range of lifestyles and economic profile of the miser run. Some are millionaires and others have such a rise imited income, they may qualify for public assistance, if they choose. In common, regardless of income level, less than they do in life – sometimes much less. Most of them live debt-free. Only 5% of people other than their mortgages than any consumer debt, and those who had a mortgage, 85% said they are working to pay off early. The vast majority have been living this way for a long time, before the recession. They are not cheap upstarts.

Do they have squandered? Everyone asks me that, yes, of course. However, they do have a choice, they make some of what they want before they buy it. They spend a lot of money for activities, rather than possession. There are quite a number of social science program property down over time, but the experience VA appreciate slightly, in our memory.

What can we learn from cheapskate? how to stretch your money, from small tips, practical advice to a larger lifestyle choices. For example, do not cheapskate shop yard sales, because you often buy things you do not have listed. They do not like thrift stores, department store they see it is second-hand goods. Miser and barter for goods and services negotiations. They may be old-fashioned food dehydration but they save money in the latest network prompt adjustments, including checking www.freecycle.org gifts and www.accidentalwine.com to when the label is damaged thats discount wine. Some skills are really weird. More than a cheapskate told me that underwear is an optional extravagance.