How to set up an endowment fund consultant

My family is considering setting up a fund to inform donors, three generations together can support charities decision. How much money, we need to open this type of fund, and we got our contribution tax credit?

Many brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and community foundations allow you to open a donor notify the Fund, which allows you to concentrate your money in one place and decide where to donate it later. You need to open the fund amount varies by the vendor. Charles Schwab and Fidelity allows you to turn $ 5,000 donors informed the Fund; T. Rowe Price’s need $ 10,000. You can open an account in fewer local community foundations.

As long as you itemize your income TAX returns deducted, you can write off your annual bono contributions you make a donation fund donation amount. However, you have almost unlimited time to decide which charities to support. During this period, the growth of money in the account, whether in mutual funds or investment pools. The company can tell you even accept private funds to hold cash, stocks, mutual funds or other assets, as well as some donors, real estate and other complex asset shares. If you plan to sell the stock, or has increased in value, use the money to charity funds, this is a good idea, in appreciation of the shares distributed to donors to inform the fund, rather than to sell them. If the transfer of shares, avoiding the payment of capital gains tax on the increase these values ​​from your purchase; you can deduct the value of the shares you let them go in the day.

These funds, together with many families to work objectives, charity, without the cost and complexity of managing establish Family Foundation. Some families, for example, there are members of all ages in this year’s research charity, then get together to support the charity’s decision during the holidays. You almost unlimited time to decide what to do grant (you may be asked to provide the minimum amount of funds every few years), you can usually give money to any of the 501 (c) in good standing (3) organization. The size of the grant varies by the administrator, but can be as low as $ 50. The average grant Fidelity Charitable Foundation made in 2013 was just over $ 4,000.