How to find health insurance on their own

On the health insurance market will significantly occur for individuals in 2014 change when the policy will be sold in state-run exchanges and insurance companies will no longer be able to deny you coverage or charge, because of the higher rate your health. Prior to this, the use of the new rules and resources to help you find the reports

New resources. in the government’s a new tool to provide detailed information about your area of ​​policy and makes it easy to narrow searches based on deductible, the size-of-pocket expenses outside, and type the PLA N (such as HMO or PPO). You will see the benefits, co-payment rate, excluding insurance and basic details.

The tool does not provide a premium based on your health personalization. For your health based on more specific quote, go to, it requires your health, and list prices, a lot of company policy details. You can also get help through the health insurance agent

If your boss asks you to continue coverage through COBRA – the federal law requires employers to continue to provide you with coverage after you reach 18 months leave your job – shop around before you put it. It can be expensive, because you have to pay the share of premiums themselves employees and employers. If you are healthy, yo U can find yourself a better deal.

Improved high deduction plan. high deductible plan is a good way to save money in premiums. In many cases, the savings premiums than make up for the higher deductible above. The new law now requires most insurers to provide preventive health screenings at no deductibles and co-payments, even if you have a high-deductible policy. Depending on your age, you may qualify for a free blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol check, breast X-rays and colonoscopy, influenza vaccine, routine vaccinations, healthy babies and healthy children participateOutlook and other prevention services.

If your health insurance policy with at least $ 1,200 of personal insurance (or family coverage $ 2,400) deductible, you can make tax cuts CONtributions up to $ 3,050 to a health savings account in 2011 (or $ 6,150 family coverage) , plus $ 1,000 if 55 or older. This gives your money tax-free, hiding in any medical expenses a year of use.

new option people’s health problems. If you want to leave it is to provide health insurance to work, you usually able to keep the reports up to 18 months no matter how bad your health is under COBRA. Most states must provide continuous policy, you have used your story later. (See rules for your country

If you do not comply with COBRA, you can through the new pre-existing condition insurance plan, the plan was introduced last year to find cover as health reform law a part of. These programs run by the F ederal government in 23 states and the District of Columbia; 27 states run their own plan, which must also comply with federal regulations. Federal running program recently reached 40% lower premiums. However, there is a big catch: you can qualify only if you have no insurance coverage at least six months

Even if you do not have to go so long without insurance, you may qualify for. By your country’s own strategy high risk insurance pool, which may not require a waiting period of six months. For a list of options and rules.