How to become a smarter investor

Kipling recent Raife Giovinazzo, the talk in the bleaching Taylor Asset Management partner and portfolio manager. The company invested based on the principles of behavioral finance school. Giovinazzo earn under Richard Taylor, who is in business and 2017 Nobel Economics Prize, the winner of his theoretical work in the major behavioral economics doctorate. The following is an excerpt from our discussion

Kipling: behavioral economics tells us that the market is not rational behavior. why not?

Giovinazzo: finally made the decision to promote the human market, but human beings are not perfect. This is not to say that we are stupid or too emotional. It just means being human, and sometimes we make mistakes.

Your behavior Fuller & Taylor Small Cap Equity Fund (symbol FTHNX) has been one of the best performance in its class. How to fund the use of behavioral economics theory? When Broadly speaking, we want to buy the stock, its pricing error, either because investors underreacting good news, such as better than expected earnings, or overreaction long-term, negative emotions around the enterprise.

When investors tend to react shortage? A common situation is that when people have strong preconceived notions. To Domino’s, for example. Since 2010, it launched the “apology” campaign. The company admitted its pizza is bad, and promised to improve it. Investors believe Domino’s Pizza can not be repaired. But the domino changed the recipe and campaign work. √čarnings begin significant improvements, but investors failed to change their expectations. This is what we call the “anchoring and adjustment.” When people try to make predictions, they are usually locked to a number of convenient and adjust from there, but usually not sufficient. This creates an opportunity for us to buy the stock.

How might play out in the stock market over-reaction? people tend to overreact to a vivid, emotional story, as well as all-pervasive media coverage of the stock may prompt investors. inBy 2016, we bought the stock Bob Evans share of about $ 38. Pessimistic investor’s restaurant and catering industry as a whole. But they ignored the Bob Evans packaged food business, this is a gem. The company sold its catering industry rose AST, September, after the acquisition of packaged food business of $ 77 per share.

How can investors avoid being tripped up by their own biases? As the first step is aware of their existence. And honest, the best thing anyone can do for their investment is not to see them. If you absolutely trust your stuff, then your best, because you can not hear new information.