Do not fall in love with Wal-Mart mystery shopper scam

When Janelle Martin and her husband, James, recently received a $ 1,991.62 check it seems to be from Wal-Mart, her jaw dropped. “This is an awful lot of money to receive the message,” she said. But her excitement soon disappeared, with suspicion, when she read the letter, accompanied by inspection.

A letter asking them to check their online registration received, then into their own bank accounts, and use some funds to complete the task of Mystery Shopping . While there are legitimate mystery shopping opportunity, Martins are seeing red flags. It is said that the check is issued by Wachovia, which was purchased by Wells Fargo in 2008 and is no longer available under the name Wachovia accounts. And a little bit of searching on the internet rolled many similar checks and letters of complaints by the Martins up.

What appears to be a windfall is actually a scam.

Janelle Martin

Wal-Mart’s corporate website contains a similar Martins has received a letter of mystery shopper scam fraud alert image. It requires consumers to check and deposited in order to purchase items, they can help along trying to keep retailers from mystery shopping to check a certain amount. The letter then instructs the recipient to check the balance line connected to an address outside the United States

Because the check is fake, it bounces and the consumer is the check amount plus any bank penalties may be responsible for charging, alerts based Wal FRAUD. Or, in some cases, consumers are asked for their bank account information so they can deposit their own secret shopper payment account. Those who conform or become a victim of identity theft have drained their accounts, according to a fraud alert.

“We will never drop it,” Jenny Martin said. But she found that other people have, she mail the letter and check images have a message warning people about the scam on Facebook later. Several people sent her a message, they have become victims.

Although in the mail a check or money offer may seem like a blessing, consider these things before you respond:

Before a legitimate mystery shopping companies will not give you a complete examination of the distribution, or ask you to cash a check and wire transfer funds to others, according to the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. For legitimate opportunities to make money, look at our 25 ways to earn extra cash and 10 work at home jobs slideshow.

Wal-Mart does not use mystery shopping services or by sending a check consumers asking them to make a purchase, and payment services remained as the remainder of the checks, according to Wal-Mart’s Web site.

Unsolicited e-mail response ask you for any links or click on a Mystery Shopper e-mail, which may lead you to a fraudulent website or download malicious software to your computer.

If you receive an email claiming to be from Wal-Mart, which is forwarded to the [email protected] If you suspect you are a victim of a scam, file a law enforcement agency reports. Identity theft victims should also file a report by the US Federal Trade Commission. On avoiding scams, and if you become a victim to do more tips, see our special report fraud.