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How to buy discounted gift cards

Here’s a simple way to save money: to buy discounted gift cards. That’s right, you can get gift cards to retailers and restaurants below par, then give them as gifts or yourself, when you use shopping or dining out. “Most people still do not know discounted gift cards, said:” Luke […]

I learned a cheapskate next door

Jeff Yeager met with hundreds of like-minded skinflints for his book cheapskate next door: Americans living happily live within our means (Broadway Books, $ 13) amazing secrets How you learn by meeting other cheapskate in the country? They fly in the face of stereotypes. They are not savvy person every […]

Seven Reasons Your gift will be returned

Chances are you’ll strike out at least one gift you give this holiday season. Despite your good intentions, the recipient will not like it and want to put it back to the store. Investigation 2021 National Retail Federation found that about 35% of consumers return at least one holiday gift. […]

Save $ 1,000 during the holidays

In September, my daughter and I were in one of those large craft store, she noticed, holiday merchandise is on display. “Mom, why do they sell Christmas stuff yet?” She asked. My answer (since she was 6, I need to keep it simple): “ah, I think some people just like […]

Last Minute deals of holiday shoppers

If you have not finished your holiday shopping, you’re not alone. A survey by coupon site RetailMeNot found that more than half of the respondents said they would still have the last Saturday of the gift of time before rolling left to purchase around Christmas. This should not be too […]

Section 5 of the best gifts to the ceremony

You have received at least one gift this holiday season, you either do not care or have a good chance. Of course, you can, if it came up with a generous return policy exchange program from a retailer. More importantly, you can hang on to it, so there you have […]

5 financial gift to yourself

While most consumers said they plan to spend less this year gift, more and more Americans are going to buy something for themselves to do their holiday shopping, according to the National Retail Federation. Consumer (from 52% in 2009) of about 57% of spending more than $ 100, on average, […]

How to get cash unwanted gift cards

In the United States gift card transactions in 2021 is estimated to total $ 160 billion, up from technology companies, according to CEB forecast. Of that amount, you have to sell, but unredeemed gift cards worth about a billion $ is still floating around. If you do not want gift […]

5 best things to buy in the after Christmas sales

Who intend to advance their holiday gift buying budgets, and savvy consumers know that there are certain items is the best buy , the peak holiday shopping season. In the list: Winter clothing, holiday-themed decorations and gift cards. Price on these items immediately fell to the bottom within a few […]

14 retailers offer generous return policy

Receive a gift you do not want is bad enough. You can not exchange or get a refund, because retailers have a stingy return policy is even worse. Most businesses to customers at least 30 days return items, as well as several well-known retailers – including Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, […]