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How to Keep Your mobile payment security

In general, payment and near field communication is more secure than using a credit card magnetic strip. Merchant payment systems typically from bank cards, store your credit card information, making it relatively easy for hackers to steal it, to make fraudulent purchases. When you use the NFC payment transactions is […]

Mobile Wallet: Pay a smart way?

Apple charges can get a lot of talk, but you were waving at the cash register to pay your smart phone behavior is old news. Some Android smartphones have the ability to send payments using Near Field Communication (NFC) in the store. But with the kind of fanfare that only […]

Best accounts in banks and credit unions

As part of Kiplinger’s annual list of the best personal finance products and services, we pick the top accounts in banks and credit unions. Be sure to see our favorite investment, financial products, travel tools, and a complete list, and so on. Online banking Ally There is no minimum levy […]

Four reasons this is a bad idea to use your 401 (k)

Household debt rose, driven by the growth in student loans. A Schwab survey found that borrowers have to borrow 401 (k) account for 4 of their nest egg tapping of participants in the survey, but also with a. Some lenders almost essential: the borrower’s 9% tap pension funds “to buy […]

Credit cards: chip from the magnetic stripe

Primary data stack holding leakage. Therefore, some banks issue ahead of the industry in October 2015 deadline with a microchip card transfer from magnetic stripe to chip cards. EMV chip card technology, which means that when used in conjunction with the payment terminal settings for each transaction is encrypted and […]

New formula for credit scoring

I hear is changing its FICO credit score calculation. What changes, and how they will affect my score – TM, Phoenix Are two changes FICO. Medical expenses in the collection will no longer affect the calculation. The score ignores other types of debt to collections, but has been resolved or […]

The best credit card you can now

As part of a list of the best personal finance products and services Kipling year, we chose the top credit card consumers who want cash back, reward points or prepaid options. Be sure to see our favorite investment, financial products, travel tools, and a complete list, and so on. Cash […]

Be strategic with the credit card balance transfer

A lower interest rate can save you money from high APR credit card balance a bucket. You can, for example, saving $ 750 moving from 18 percent of card balances of $ 5,000 a charge zero interest for 12 months. However, not all balance transfer offer is straightforward, the Consumer […]

Do not fall in love with Wal-Mart mystery shopper scam

When Janelle Martin and her husband, James, recently received a $ 1,991.62 check it seems to be from Wal-Mart, her jaw dropped. “This is an awful lot of money to receive the message,” she said. But her excitement soon disappeared, with suspicion, when she read the letter, accompanied by inspection. […]

How Millennium can obtain finance in advance

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance editing skills Janet Bodnar recently sharing her money row Smart Kids who want to help their adult children improve its financial situation of parents . Financial advice in the new millennium, she suggested that parents and tools can use it to provide their children with trusted advice. […]