About the last-minute problems Medicare Open Enrollment 2021

Time is running out to make a decision about Medicare in 2012. With just a few days to go before the new deadline for the Medicare open enrollment December 7, we asked Silverlink, providing consumers with promotion health insurance plan, look at the top issues consumers are asking about the new medical admissions rules. “Regardless of positive education and support of health plans indicate their members and potential members, the problem still exists, due to the change in the scope of this year’s Medicare members,” chief medical officer Dr. Jan Berger, Silverlink Communications, said.  

We just celebrated Thanksgiving. Why do I hear so much about health care, but what now Ť usual during the Christmas campaign?

deadline Medicare Part d prescription drug plan or Medicare Advantage private health plans to enroll a sudden upgrade from December 31 to December 7 so you have to pick your plan for 2012 to much earlier than you have to plan for the past few years.

If I do not choose a plan by December 7, what happens?

If you make a plan of December 7 can not be registered, then you will automatically re-registered as the current plans for next year. If you are currently enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans to leave the market in 2012, you will automatically switch to traditional Medicare. In this case, you will need to buy Medicare Part d prescription drug coverage policy, adding medigap plans FILl health insurance gap. However, if you Deadline on December 7, you can sign up for any Medicare Part d or Medicare Advantage in your area planned for 2012.

Why I If I shop very happy to have this program I now have a new plan?

Even if you already satisfied with their current plan, check out all your options each year is very important. It is common to pay for your prescription drugs covered by the current plan and may change from 2011 to 2012. This means that the program in the pastThe work you may no longer be your best bet. And there may be, if you plan to enroll in a Medicare Advantage will be more changes, which may no longer be your doctor to provide network coverage. You must, if you circums review your options tances has changed in the past year – for example, you are taking a different prescription drugs or using a different type than you when you last shopped medical health care plan

There are some new changes in health insurance coverage, may affect your choice of plan. Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans must now provide certain preventive care at no co-payments or deductibles. For basic medical services to this new coverage can make a different plan, a better deal for you. There are some new ways to compare plans based on quality. You can find the star ratings are ranked based on customer service, when you use the Find Medicare plan.

About selecting a Medicare Part d prescription drug plan or medical Advantag more information on the 2012 Evaluation Plan, see Medicare Open Enrollment season.

What is more Medicare Part d plan or Medicare Advantage plan the best way of what is?

You can check out all the options, including star ratings, which are based on a ranking of customer service, health insurance plans when you use lookup. Take a look at how to use the Medicare plan finder to see about using the Finder to compare the plan part d plans and see how they compare information about Medicare Advantage plans to use the search tool to select the plan Medicare Advantage plans.

You can also choose any personalized a scheme from the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) assistance. See how to compare health insurance policies on how to find your LO CAL For more information they can provide ship, what type of service.

I do my homework and are ready to switch plans. what should I do?

registered a new plan online or by phone (too late to make a change requires a written application before the closing date December 7 road). If your old plan to change the schedule automatic notification – old coverage will continue until December 31, 2011, your new coverAfter the cover will be January 1, 2012,

If I change what I consider to December 7 deadline

After, you can make some limited changes – and these rules and deadlines are slightly different than they were in the past. If you time in an all-in-one Medicare Advantage plan, you must be from 1 January to iron bruary 14,2012, switch to original Medicare, and select the part d prescription drug plan. Your coverage will begin on the first day of each month, the plan to get after your registration. However, during this additional registration from January 1 to February 14, you will only be able to switch back to the original Medicare from Medicare Advantage. If you want to make other types of changes can affect your coverage of 2012 – such as ditching a plan to another part d, from another original Medicare Medicare Advantage switching, or switching a Medicare Advantage plan.