5 financial gift to yourself

While most consumers said they plan to spend less this year gift, more and more Americans are going to buy something for themselves to do their holiday shopping, according to the National Retail Federation. Consumer (from 52% in 2009) of about 57% of spending more than $ 100, on average, squandered their own.

Before you pull out the credit card or debit card, and you feel the other way, you can put the money to lift your finances. Here are five ideas.

1. repay loan. Whether you tortured holiday debt or have a lingering balance on your credit card, $ 100 can help make a dent. Use our tool to find out how to pay off your credit card balance.

2. Increase your emergency fund. case you should have enough cash to pay for the case, spending several months worth you lose your job or disaster. To see how much cash you need.

3. Contribute to your retirement account. Your account balance could recover from a bear market, but this year there is an additional contribution to help it even more. See how many of your account will grow with our tools.

4. Write a will. If your financial situation and the plot is simple, a line will be meaningful, that specify how you want your assets distributed, who will be a guardian for your child, very affordable. NOLO line will start at $ 59.95. See more information you cut out the will of attorney.

5. Donated to charity. If you itemize, you can help people in need tax cuts. You can get cash donations charity deduction eligibility (just be sure to get a receipt. Learn more about the rules deduct contributions and review our list of charities.